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    Over 90% of all cases settle. The DeVore Radunsky team, whenever possible, seeks early resolution of claims in a cost effective manner as the primary objective. We aim to get our client the best deal possible at the negotiation table. We evaluate the issues, along with the risk of an adverse verdict and determine the viability of alternative dispute resolution. Our goal is to protect our client's interests while exploring cost-effective solutions using tools including pre-trial settlement conference with a judge, mediation, arbitration and informal settlement discussions.


    The attorneys at DeVore Radunsky have pursued or defended many successful appeals, encompassing a wide variety of complicated legal issues. Recently, the Illinois First District Appellate Court published Waukegan Steel Sales v. Illinois Emcasco, which clarified a significant issue involving the scope of additional insured coverage, following a tender of defense by an insured. We grasp the complex nuances which are central to any appeal and stay abreast of legal trends to allow us to proceed with strong arguments.


    Anyone who gets behind the wheel of an automobile may be involved in an accident. At DeVore Radunsky we represent clients in automobile negligence claims, uninsured, underinsured and medical pay claims. We understand that no two accidents are the same and that more complicated accidents, such as multi-car collisions, require expert reconstruction and animation to assist a jury when determining liability. We also recognize that sometimes the cause of collision or accident may relate to a product defect in the automobile. If product defect issues arise, we are able to develop theories to protect the interests of our clients with respect to product liability theories involving vehicle or part manufacturers.


    DeVore Radunsky has successfully represented a wide variety of parties in construction-related matters including: owners, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, architects, developers and homeowners in the following, Architect & Engineering Malpractice, Construction Site Accidents, Construction Defects, Contract Disputes, Commercial Transactions, Emergency Response Claims, Insurance Coverage Claims, OSHA Violations, Property Damage Claims, and Risk Management & Safety. Our attorneys will draft your construction contract, litigate any dispute arising out of the project in state or federal court, work towards resolving any dispute via alternative dispute resolution and, if necessary take your case to trial and through appeal.


    DeVore Radunsky represents and offers legal consultation to businesses both large and small in a host of commercial transactions. We review and draft contracts, resolve or litigate transactional disputes and mediate disputes. We suggest risk management techniques, training, and methods to help you better and more efficiently operate your business profitably.


    A catastrophic event can hit when you least expect it and DeVore Radunsky has the experience to help you through it. We have represented clients in death cases, catastrophic injury claims, complex property damage claims and “news worthy” claims. We are sensitive to these claims and understand the delicate balance of managing our client’s emotions and expectations, while in the pursuit of justice. Over the years, we have successfully handled multiple fatality claims, fire loss, chemical exposures, severe burns, building collapses, and other life altering injury claims successfully.


    DeVore Radunsky represents clients who have been sued for assault, battery, false imprisonment, defamation, privacy, fraud/misrepresentation, dram shop, negligent/intentional infliction of emotional distress, nuisance, interference with business relations, strict liability, premises liability and products liability. We also understand the important insurance coverage aspects of these claims and have helped our clients develop creative legal strategies based on these issues.


    DeVore Radunsky works closely with insurance companies, third party administrators, and self-insureds to evaluate and resolve complex insurance coverage disputes. We understand the complicated and detailed nature of these legal disputes whether they involve additional insureds, bad faith, tenders of defense, the MCS 90 endorsement, or indemnification. Coverage disputes often involves the interplay among several primary, excess, and/or umbrella policies. We appreciate the deep level of legal analysis that is required to crystallize complex issues into a cohesive solution to resolve first or third party claims. We have sought declaratory relief in relation to a broad array of issues, litigated disputes through appeal, and prevailed in numerous jurisdictions.


    DeVore Radunsky has defended officers, counties and municipal boards in commercial, tort and federal constitution claims. These claims involve allegations of violations of civil rights, contract disputes and personal injury claims.


    Did a consumer allege that while using your product it caused a personal injury or injury to other property? We have represented designers, supplies and manufactures, in cases involving all types of products. We provide consultation to our clients on risk reduction, training programs, product labeling/warnings, strict liability issues and food illness claims. Our goal is to represent our clients vigorously, while simultaneously seeking to ensure they are distributing safe products into the stream of commerce for consumer use.


    DeVore Radunsky LLC has seasoned trial counsel experienced in handling the prosecution and defense of large property claims resulting from fires, floods, mechanical and structural failures, and other catastrophic events. Our lawyers have led numerous investigations and coordinated the work of engineers and experts to determine the origin and cause of fires, mechanical failures and structural collapses and water intrusions. We are skilled in the appropriate consensus standards and procedures to ensure that our retained consultants document the loss scene and identify and preserve all relevant evidence, including procedures in NFPA 921, ASTM E-620, E-678, E-860, E-1020, E-1188, and E-1459. We have extensive experience evaluating catastrophic personal and real property loss and have worked with countless public adjusters in an effort to evaluate property damage claims. By working together with our clients, we identify and retain the necessary experts to develop scene investigation protocols, document evidence preservation, evaluate the loss and control investigation costs. We are skilled in the technical aspects of developing theories of recovery or determining the available defenses to liability prior to litigation being filed. In those matters where suit must be filed or claims defended, we have the trial experience necessary to effectively prepare the case for trial or alternative dispute resolution. By involving the client in all aspects of the litigation strategy and budgeting the work to be performed, an effective partnership is formed to manage the case toward resolution. Did a guest or uninvited person somehow suffer an injury while on your property? DeVore Radunsky defends residential and commercial property owners when they are sued for undisclosed defects on their premises.


    Did a guest or uninvited person somehow suffer an injury while on your property? DeVore Radunsky defends residential and commercial property owners when they are sued for undisclosed defects on their premises.


    DeVore Radunsky represents long haul over the road carriers and trucking companies in state and federal claims. These claims may relate to vehicle accidents, loading and unloading, property damage, FMCSR (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) issues, secure cargo, and administrative disputes. We counsel our clients regarding employee training, safety, risk management, and best practices.


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