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    Federal court dismisses class action case against former State's Attorney, Brian Towne.

    On July 16, 2019, the Federal Court in the Northern District of Illinois granted all counts of the motion to dismiss filed by DeVore Radunsky on behalf of client Brian Towne. The DeVore Radunsky team has prevailed on behalf of Brian Towne in each civil suit for which the DR team was chosen.

    On July 25, 2018, a Will County judge granted Summary Judgment in favor of DeVore Radunsky's client, one of largest liquor distributors in the world. The Court ruled that multiple "Waiver and Release(s)" executed by Plaintiff prior to her employment, were enforceable and prevented her from filing a lawsuit against her employers "customers" if she was injured within the scope of her employment. On July 21, 2016, the plaintiff, a 35 yr old female security guard, suffered multiple, severe ankle fractures after a semi-tractor trailer ran over her foot while she was in the process of performing a seal inspection, in Plainfield, IL. After receiving the suit, DeVore Radunsky LLC quickly mounted an aggressive defense and, through a close collaboration with their client, carefully marshalled the case towards summary judgment. DeVore Radunsky LLC is proud that this ruling helped saved their client substantial defense costs and avoid protracted litigation.

    Federal court dismisses class action case against former State's Attorney, Brian Towne.

    On March 5, 2018, DeVore Radunsky prevailed on all counts of its motion to dismiss numerous claims made by Alyssa Larson related to actions taken by the LaSalle SAFE drug interdiction unit. The Larson lawsuit was filed around the time that the Illinois Supreme Court rendered an opinion related to the formation of the SAFE unit. DeVore Radunsky argued that the claims against Brian Towne were time-barred. Plaintiff Larson argued that her lawsuit was timely filed because the Supreme Court's decision started the clock running. The federal court disagreed. The court also rejected Larson's argument that the SAFE Team's operation automatically violated Larson's constitutional rights.

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    Jason DeVore and Troy Radunsky have been selected as counsel for a well-known former State's Attorney in two federal court matters. Our associate, Andrew Clott, was admitted to the Illinois Bar in November 2017. Also, in December 2017 Andrew was admitted to the bar for the Northern District of Illinois Federal Court.

    Jason E. DeVore has authored a Monograph regarding Insurance Coverage for the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel, Volume 27, Number 1 with Monograph, - 1st Quarter 2017. The Monograph is entitled "Public Policy and the Art of Drafting Conforming Insurance Policies"

    During March 2017, Jason E. DeVore and Troy S. Radunsky are featured speakers regarding construction and insurance issues at HACIA (Hispanic American Construction Industry Association) - JANUARY 2017

    During February 2017, Jason E. DeVore and Troy S. Radunsky are featured speakers regarding "Crisis Management Plan Preparation" at the UCA (Underground Contractors Association) - JANUARY 2017

    DeVore Radunsky is a 2017 Sponsor for the HACIASEF (HACIA Scholarship & Education Foundation) - JANUARY 2017


    DEVORE RADUNSKY NEWS - Holiday Edition 2014 View PDF


    Jason and Troy have obtained the following successful results over the course of their careers:

    Members v. Edgcomb, et.al-->Summary judgment granted in favor of state agency against inmate alleging § 1983 violations related to his cell conditions and delayed medical care.

    Hellweg v. Quevedo-->Cook County Trial Verdicts (2015-2016): Hellweg I-Demand: $500,000; Defense Verdict: $10,214. The case involved a bicycle collision between an adult plaintiff and minor defendant while the plaintiff was warming up for a National Cycle Racing event. The plaintiff alleged he suffered eight facial fractures and traumatic brain injuries, including concussion, post concussion syndrome, and nerve damage. Hellweg II-On re-trial solely on the issue of damages because the jury failed to award any pain and suffering in the initial trial, the plaintiff's demanded: $300,000 and a verdict in favor of the defense was returned in the amount of $60,000.

    Settlement: Trucking and Cargo accident, Crown Pointe, Indiana. The plaintiff suffered an amputated finger on his dominant hand. His initial settlement demand was $200,000. Settlement: $15,000

    Prevailed in First District Appellate Court, following successfully arguing Section 2-619(a)(9) motion to dismiss plaintiff's lawsuit on basis of laches. Court had entered consent decree related to consent decree among the parties. The plaintiff filed suit against our client and others after the consent decree had expired, although it had discovered the alleged violations two years prior thereto.

    During the course of the appeal, DeVore Radunsky persuaded the Appellate Court that the plaintiff waited an unreasonable length of time to file suit in Cook County, Illinois. The unreasonable delay caused our client to suffer prejudice. This multi-jurisdictional case spanned nearly a decade. View PDF

    Obtained dismissal with prejudice on behalf of northern Illinois concrete subcontractor who was sued by general contractor/owner and where the plaintiff’s made a settlement demand for $7.5 million.

    Obtained Summary Judgment on behalf of insurer client in a declaratory judgment action with a finding of no duty to defend or indemnify, based upon application of an "auto use" exclusion. The case related to a fire at a large residential structure, which caused damages in excess of $1 million. .

    Prevailed in First District Appellate Court, following grant of summary judgment in a declaratory judgment action in favor of steel fabrication company client at the trial court level. The plaintiff in the underlying lawsuit giving rise to the declaratory action seeks several million dollars in damages. View PDF | Visit

    Prevailed in First District Appellate court following successful motion to dismiss with prejudice. This commercial litigation matter involved numerous issues, including alleged tortious interference with business relationships. We represented an accomplished medical doctor who taught medical review courses. Visit

    Secured summary judgment on behalf of a homeowner sued by plaintiff who sought recovery in relation to injuries sustained during the course of construction project.

    Favorably resolved claims of general contractor and subcontractors for breach of contract against well known Chicago museum.

    Secured dismissal on behalf of metal plating company in toxic-tort, asbestos litigation. The plaintiff sought in excess of $10 million.

    Prevailed on Motion for summary judgment and appeal on behalf of reputable Illinois general contractor who was sued after the plaintiff fell off his motorcycle and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The settlement demand was $10,000,000.

    Obtained dismissal in Federal Court matter on behalf of multi-national, Fortune 100 paper and wood products company. The plaintiff's complaint, which arose out of a fire loss, alleged several products liability theories related to wood products manufactured by our client. The amount at issue approached $1.5 million.

    Successfully resolved insurance coverage matter involving well-known, Chicago area based pizza chain in relation to claims pending in Federal Court for alleged trademark infringement and trademark violations involving former franchisee. Ultimately, following negotiations, the party seeking coverage withdrew its request.

    Obtained summary judgment on behalf of insurer in a declaratory action related to the application of exclusion in automobile policy regarding reasonable expectation of right to operate motor vehicle.

    Prevailed on motion for summary judgment in favor of insurer on all matters in matter arising out of motor vehicle accident. The court found that the relevant "other insurance" clause in our client's policy unambiguously applied to render the policy excess over other applicable insurance policies. The court further determined that the plaintiff was not entitled to aggregate limits and our client was entitled to a setoff against its policy limit for amounts payable from other available insurance.

    Successfully obtained summary judgment in favor of insurer related to violations of conditions precedent to coverage under a motor vehicle insurance policy. The court found that the failure to timely provide notice of an accident giving rise to a lawsuit precluded coverage.

    Obtained dismissal in favor of client that manufactured food flavor products in matter wherein the plaintiff developed bronchiolitis obliterans (i.e. ‘popcorn lung disease’), after working in various factories where he had exposure to substances used to make microwave popcorn, such as diacetyl. Following dismissal of our client, the jury awarded more than $30 million to the plaintiff against the remaining defendants.

    Prevailed on motion for summary judgment in favor of insurer client seeking reimbursement from another insurer for costs and fees expended to defend insured. The court found that the adverse insurer had a duty to defend the insured and that the insurer was required to pay all legal fees of the firm chosen by the insured to defend the underlying lawsuit.

    Instrumental in resolving coverage issues in large scale fire loss at meat production facility to obtain nearly $65 million settlement on behalf of largest agricultural cooperative in North America.

    Secured not guilty verdict on behalf of general contractor where plaintiff sustained serious orthopedic injuries and claimed diminished earning capacity after falling off a scaffold at construction site.

    Successfully litigated motion to dismiss on behalf of steel contractor and defeated claims sounding in breach of contract and failure to indemnify.

    Prevailed on motion to dismiss in favor of well-known Chicago zoo based on violations of statute of limitations and the Illinois Tort Immunity Act.

    Secured summary judgment on behalf of insurer client in insurance coverage dispute related to water intrusion at historical home in the Chicago-area's North Shore. The plaintiff sought damages approaching $1 million.

    Successfully litigated motion to dismiss, based upon application of suit limitations provision related to lawsuit arising out of damage involving decaying in-ground pool. The plaintiff sought several hundred thousand dollars.

    Prevailed in United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in motion for summary judgment full payment under real property policy with limits of nearly $800k. The motion for summary judgment followed the defendant carrier's failure to comply with Wisconsin's "Valued Policy" Statute by refusing to pay the total policy limit. Visit

    Successfully obtained summary judgment on behalf of Chicago Carpenters Union Apprentice Training Program, based upon application of "open and obvious danger" defense. The plaintiff sought in excess of $500,000 related to reconstructive knee surgery and permanent injuries.

    Awarded more than $86k in interest by United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, based upon grant of motion for entry of judgment and demand for interest on unpaid amount of insurance policy, pursuant to Wisconsin Statute. Visit


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